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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Really Important Information...

For no one. Just kidding. It's only really important to me. It's also two examples of me being basically right. Possibly the only two examples of me being right ever.

So I joke ALL THE TIME about how I am poverty-stricken. I'm sure the people I say that to are beyond tired of hearing me say it. Except. EXCEPT! I just was looking at the U.S. Census Poverty Thresholds for 2011 because I wanted to compare it to my tax information for 2011 and see how far off I was from poverty. Guess what people? Guess freaking what? A paltry $2k above poverty. So do I live in poverty? Technically, no. But seriously, do you begrudge me my $2,000 above poverty? That would be super uncharitable of you. Let me own my poverty. For reals.

This flow chart from Adulting PERFECTLY expresses my feelings on friends going after a friend's ex. So perfectly does it match my own feelings that it feels like a giant affirmation that I am not crazy or overly sensitive. Some things are just messed up.

And as an end note, I am having some blood sugar issues this afternoon and I feel all shaky and hopped up and so if this post is a little heavy on the CAPS I just wanna say--sorry. I am surprised there are not more caps. I tried to rein it in.

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