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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Finds - Shout Out Version

Margaux - This project has your name written ALL over it! Go forth and make a gorgeous goal wall.

Dear Fellow Winos - Aunt Jane, Shelley* , Keva who is not reading,
This woman works at a vineyard and these are her "go-to wines."  Let's all try and report back to one another! It will be a virtual wine tasting. : )
*Shelley - I am making an assumption about you based on your friendship with Keva.

Dear Rita ~ I think you should make this for the anniversary fam tomorrow morning. How could you NOT have a happy anniversary with this in your belly??

Image Via How Sweet It Is

Becca and Brie: Scroll down until you see the cross stitch. Be still my beating heart!!! Also, I am NOT a fan of regeneration. Change = bad.

Jules: Do we say yay or nay to these nails?  Also, I really want all of these nail polishes now!

Image Via Keiko Lynn 

That's all I have. Happy weekending my pets!


  1. We say YAY! 100%. love them!!!

  2. The tutorial does not look too bad either! Like maybe just maybe I could do it and not look like I was drunk when I did it. 

  3. I just saw this today but I should have made that it looks soo good! We made cinnamon roll pancakes though!  

  4. You are correct in lumping me in with the wino group. I just can't weigh in on the taste test right now. Catch me after the May beach vacation