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Monday, April 16, 2012

Green Light ~ Beyonce

The past few months I have been promising myself that when I ran out of a chemically-laden product at home, I would try to replace it with something "green."

Guys, green is really, really, really hard.

For reals.

The two products I was out of and had to replace were hand soap and dish soap.

My requirements seemed fairly straightforward:
1. Not cost a bajillion dollars.
2. Smell nice.
3. Work well
4. Be available at Target because I did not want to have to make multiple stops.
5. Make me feel better about my exposure to chemicals and my carbon footprint or something like that.

First up, hand soap. In the traditional hand soap section of the store, Target has got a big ole fat lot of nothing. I should have been looking in either the beauty section or the section of the store that sells Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products(laundry detergent section) but I did not figure that out until a few days later when I was at Target for my second product, dish soap.

So I ended up with Method foaming hand soap in the Sea Mineral fragrance because it claims to be "naturally derived."  Click here for an explanation of naturally derived. Do you know what that means? NEITHER DO I! Let's turn to the Method website shall we?  It lists the second ingredient as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS.  Let me just say that if you ever decide to Google the words "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate" you will come to the conclusion that SLS is actually devil juice. Or harmless. Or WHO THE HECK KNOWS???? Method works around the whole devil juice issue is by saying their devil juice is naturally derived from coconuts.  This article makes me think NOT SO MUCH on the whole naturally derived thing. SLS is SLS is SLS.

In the end, I can tell you that I like my Method foaming soap bunches and bunches but it makes me feel zero percent better about my chemical exposure or carbon footprint. It looks really nice in my bathroom though. So there is that.

If money were no object (it is a BIG object) I would buy NYR Organic US hand wash like this. A more reasonable option would be Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap which still has some pretty chemically sounding ingredients but less so than Method and closer to the end of the list of ingredients. We all do know that ingredients are listed by order of most to least, right? Okay, good.

And then there is dish soap. Target had three viable options. 1. Seventh Generation 2. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and 3. J.R. Watkins Dish Soap.  All of them made some great claims but I found it almost impossible to figure out which was the best and in the end went with the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day because it had the most interesting packaging and a different smell (Basil).  It works great, the website ingredient listing shows it to be devil juice free, and all in all I am pleased. Minus the part where I spent a $1.50 more than I normally would on dish soap.

Because the most vital lesson here is, going green costs green. Unless you are prepared to wash everything in "holy water" and by "holy water" I mean vinegar. And who does not want to smell vinegar all the time?

Tell me, what changes large or small have you made towards the whole "Green" movement?

Or do you wash your sins in the blood of the environment? And by that I mean petroleum.


  1. On the hand soap front, if you're willing to go for bar soap (which I'm mostly....not), there are some decent options out there, I think. You might look into LUSH.

  2. Mugdha, I always forget about Lush!!! The closest one is in Phoenix. I need to remember that next time I go to Phoenix.

  3. it used to be that Ivory soap was the most pure....don't even know if they make it anymore!

  4. I bought only organic food for a month. Didn't work cozorganic food is so freakin' expensiveand I am pretty broke. Sigh!

  5. LUSH is awesome but it is so expensive! i want money!!!!!