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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainbow Connection ~ The Muppets

I currently am feeling a bit overwhelmed by my "To-Do" list.

So explain to me why as I tried to mentally review my list during my lunch break today, the only item I could think of was "sort the jelly beans I bought yesterday by color."

For the record, this is so unimportant it will not be making the official list of things to be done.

Also, is anything better than half-price Easter candy? I think not!


  1. Well there's definitely nothing worse than reaching for a green jelly bean, only to find you pulled out RED! The horror!

  2. Incorrect! And offensive! The horror would be reaching for a RED jelly bean and pulling out any other color. Red are the best. 

    Also, I weep for those that would fall for your evil pranks and press computer buttons hoping for sugary goodness. 

    Also, I have a large amount of purple jelly beans for you. NOT that I went ahead and sorted my jelly beans after saying I did not have time for such frivolity. 

  3. Kermit the frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. just thinking about the Muppets makes me happy - regardless of the to-do list!