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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Russian Roulette ~ Van Morrison

If I believed in Mother Nature, which I do not, and I said crass things, which I also do not do, I would say:

I think Mother Nature is on her period this week month. Geesh.

Hot. Cold. Up. Down.


About a week ago I experienced my annual burst of anger at the heat. And when I say anger I actually mean: fury, ire, rage, violent outbursts, or apoplexy.

When I calmed down, I decided to take advantage and plan an evening with friends on my patio for a certain Saturday night.

Only to have my landlady inform me that Saturday was supposed to be raining and 69 degrees. I waffled as to whether to cancel or not and decided to tough it out. Until a few days later when I checked the weather again to discover the weather had been amended to 59 degrees and rainy. At best. So I cancelled.  And while rain and cooler weather does not create the hot, stabby, violent temperment inside of me that the heat does, it had ruined my plans. I fell into a pout.

But with all this complaining, sometimes there is this:

A pretty sunset, a soft wind coming through your car windows as you drive through town, a good song playing on the radio. It makes it hard to remember what all the complaining was for or even about. 

Update: The weather did not even end up being that bad on Saturday. I could have had my people over. DANG IT! 

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