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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Finds

So there is this really fascinating blogger challenge going on where bloggers reveal "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You."  See here.

It cracks me up because I feel like every single one of my posts consists of information that I should be afraid to tell you but in fact tell everyone, all of the time.  I am pretty transparent. No one is reading my blog and thinking, "Her life is SO perfect! How does she do it all?"

I should do a blog post that tells you all the things about me that are not neurotic and disheveled.

Oh wait...There are no such things.


  1. I know this! I dont know what I feel about this. Sometimes i feel that I am private and guarded and that I have a wall around myself with a moat around it. Then I feel awesome. Like Lady Bond. At other times, I feel like I say the most nonsensical things. I'm confused. 

  2. Lady Bond? How awesome would it be to be Lady Bond? New life goal!