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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (Indeed).

I wrote a post about The Dark Knight Rises right after watching the midnight showing of the movie, but before I found out about the movie theater shooting in Colorado. After I found out about the movie theater shooting in Colorado, I tabled it for fear it was insensitive or frivolous.

At first, I felt (and this is horrible) a little jaded about the massacre. Not that it wasn't horrific. It was. Not that I didn't feel for the victims and their families. I did. But I did not think it would change my movie-going habits. For the record, I use the phrase "movie-going habits" loosely. I have been to the movie theater maybe 10 times in the past 12 months.  And half of those times were probably to the "cheap seats."  ("Cheap seats" are the $3.50 movie theaters in town that show movies after they have left the nice expensive theaters.)

Then I saw a preview for The Bourne Legacy and thought to myself that I would like to see that in the theater. The next thought in my head was, "I'm not risking my life for a movie. I will see it when it comes out on DVD."  Maybe I am not so jaded after all.  Perspective can shift so swiftly.  For example, if you are close to my age (31)  you probably remember spending most of your high school career totally unconcerned about school shootings and the last part of your high school career at least a little on edge.  Any oddball, any loner, anybody wearing a long black trench coat went from harmless social outcast to potential threat.

And so, my perspective shifted,  I find myself weighing the potential for danger in my movie-going habits. Midnight showings of big blockbuster action movies: THREAT LEVEL RED. Opening weekend showing of a big blockbuster action movie: THREAT LEVEL ORANGE.  Evening showing of blockbuster of any kind at any theater: THREAT LEVEL YELLOW.  Afternoon matinee of a sub par romantic comedy at the cheap seats: THREAT LEVEL BLUE. Evening at home with DVDs from Redbox: GREEN. LOW RISK OF ATTACK.

What about you? Will you continue going to the movie theater unafraid or are you investing in microwave popcorn and a Netflix subscription?

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  1. i'm so the same way. i could have written that paragraph about rating movie threat levels! haha...