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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Grassy Knoll

Fresh cut grass. Lilacs. Harvest. Rain on rich farm soil. (Central Illinois rain smell - not to be confused with the Mississippi River fishy rain smell). Hog confinements. Okay, not hog confinements. The scents of home that I miss.

Here, in the desert, I take what I can get.

The campus of my second job in twilight. Because it only looks even remotely attractive in twilight. In daylight it is mucho depresso. 
This is the poorly curated landscape at my second job. What the environment has not destroyed, the ground squirrels have. And yet, occasionally this sad and limited grass patch is mowed. Allowing me to stand there in the twilight and take many slow deep breaths of  good and true fresh cut grass fragrance. 

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