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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Finds: Sweet Treats

Once upon a time, I was holding a little boy and my mom gave him an M&M. He clearly was not familiar with M&Ms. It was hilarious because you could tell the moment the hard candy shell had started dissolving in his mouth. His eyes started widening in surprise and then delight. You could see the little wheels in his head turning: "This! Is! Chocolate!" He started wildly flapping his arms in sheer delight and looking at my mom with a face that clearly said, "More!"

This week's roundup is dedicated to the love of chocolate and all things sweet. 

First up: Hot Chocolate on a stick via The Ticket Kitchen. Basically you dunk a chunk of flavored chocolate-y goodness into steaming hot milk and drink. What about that does NOT sound good? For reals. 

Have you ever checked out my Just Desserts Pinterest Board?  It doesn't have 31 followers for no reason. It's kind of epic. 

Avocado Creme Brulee and Guinness Cupcakes? Odd Desserts, indeed!

I am dying to check out this candy shop in Phoenix, AZ.

And once you have tried everything here, you might need a little Sarah Wilson in your life. She recently wrote a book about quitting sugar.

Okay, what sweet treats MUST I try? Tell me in the comments! Have a fab weekend! 


  1. I'm going to work really hard to remember some new type of candy that I recently tried that I remember thinking I needed to tell everyone about! :(  Right now - I'm so new-baby-sleep-deprived that ALL sweet things sound amazing as my brain searches for an energy boost!  Definitely going to need a no-sugar diet in the near future!

  2. A few of my favorites: Starbucks hot chocolate mix from the grocery store (and not the marshmallow flavor) peanut butter mnms, moose tracks ice cream, and I somewhat heroically made momofukus grasshopper pie awhile back and it was amazing. Also momofukus compost cookies are amazing. Meg - you need an oven. - Lucy