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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Finds: Office Space

An office-themed roundup this week. And yes, I am saying "this week" like I consistently do this every week.

A picture from my office space. 

First up, CUBICLE REFUGEE. Honestly, this is not exactly office-related except that the name of the Tumblr is Cubicle Refugee. It's sort of just a daily shot of art, photography, typography, quotes. A little refuge from your work day if you will. 

Stationary, post-it notes, paper goods in general are one of my big time addictions. Right up there with all that makeup I rarely wear.  And Poppies for Grace? Well that website makes me positively drool! The Sunshower Sticky Notes?? Be still my beating heart! 

Ninja Page Flags. On the other hand, ninjas are supposed to be stealthy, not draw attention to a page for you. Paradox. 

Design*Sponge breaks down the best of office-related DIYs.

Girl Of All Work, the Frolic Collection. Clearly, I have a page flag thing. And I don't even really use page flags. 

Okay, give it up! Any office-related links I should be checking out? 

Have a fab weekend! 

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