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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Finds: Hipstamatic

My disdain for all things hipster does not extend to Hipstamatic on my iPhone. It is kind of my favorite thing forever and always.

It makes completely meaningless pictures all symbolic and meaningful and full of subtext and please, please, please know that this entire sentence is dripping with sarcasm.

It's not a sign in a parking garage, it's a metaphor for your life. 

The gnarled roots of our humanity. But with PINKS! And YELLOWS! And REDS! Red for innocent blood shed over the gnarled meaningful roots of humanity. 

The way. The path. 

The Way. The Path. But with MORE meaning. Because it is black and white. 
I mock therefore I am. MEANING. But not. I am different. In the same way everyone else is. And when Hipstamatic was new I loved it. And then it went mainstream and so I broke up with it. And then everyone switched to Instagram so I could love Hipstamatic again because it is hip to be square.

Utter nonsense.

On to the Friday Finds!!

The Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide from Photojojo

A blog for Hipstamatics.  Oooooo look at the pretty pictures!

Hipstamatic's Make Beautiful Project

And now more of my Hipstamatic Pictures:

And since this edition of Friday Finds is basically pictures I personally took, I can only assume that what I found this Friday was myself.


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  1. But wait Meg! If you IRONICALLY like this... what does it mean?

    Your commentary is priceless.