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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten On Tuesday: Summer Is Over

Summer may be interminable in Tucson but my heart keeps telling me that the sunshine is fading. That gray and drizzle are coming.  And somehow the endless sunshine and azure skies all around me are not convincing me otherwise.  My infernal internal clock is dwelling in the Midwest this year. 

Summer is over. 

1. Buckets of Rain ~ Bob Dylan 
2.  In The Waiting Line, Zero 7 
3. Any Day Will Do Fine ~ Michael Kiwanuka
4. Not Dark Yet ~ Bob Dylan 
5. Holocene ~ Bon Iver
6. Half Acre ~ Hem 
7. Til Summer Comes Around ~ Keith Urban 
8. Hounds of Winter ~ Sting 
9. Shelter from the Storm ~ Bob Dylan
10. Who Will Comfort Me ~ Melody Gardot

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  1. One of the things that I actually love about Arizona is that it might be cold, but it's still sunny here.