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Friday, December 28, 2012

All Around The World ~ Boyz II Men (Part II)

I can't lie, I am beginning to feel like this is the trip that will never end. At least here on ye old blog. I just keep posting and posting and posting and posting.........

Day 6, Wednesday continued....

After the City Museum, one of my top 10 people of all time ever picked me up, took me to her house, gave me good wine and tasty homemade gumbo, and then watched Maxwell's VH1 Storytellers with me in high definition, big screen, surround sound glory.  I think you can see why she is one of my top 10 people. And then one of my other top 10 people, my sister from another mister, Samantha, picked me up and we went to visit all mah babies.

And then Samantha, her husband AJ, and I went to Applebees and talked and laughed for a few hours. Eventually, Rita joined us and then Rita and I went home. Good times.

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  1. Aww what cuties! And oh man, I could so go for some homemade gumbo right now.