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Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Around The World ~ Boyz II Men

Wednesday, Day 6 of my trip. (Oh! Side note! Remember when I said that I would smush some of the days together? So not happening. In fact, Day 6 will probably take two posts.)

Wednesday was the best of days! My big sister hooked Rita, Levi and me up with a backstage tour of sorts of the World Aquarium at the City Museum. First of all, the City Museum is easily one of the coolest places on earth. Second of all, I had never been inside the World Aquarium.

Why yes, that is my hand in a tank of doctor fish. So creepy. 

This is a pikachu. Yes. A pikachu. Not just for Pokemon apparently. Except that just now I googled it to make sure I knew what I was talking about and found out it was actually called a Kinkajou. Apparently my hearing was totally on the fritz during that tour. 

This sloth was SO the best part of my entire trip. Sorry family and friends. I got to pet and feed a sloth!!!!! So awesome!!!!!! 

There was a tunnel inside the aquarium that we got to climb through. Doesn't he look like he is swimming in the aquarium? 

And now, a story: 
The City Museum is this giant recycled industrial materials jungle gym. It is amazing and awesome. In the most, "THIS! IS! AWESOME!" way possible. There is one narrow hallway that is walled in mirrors. Angled mirrors. The result being that when you look into the mirrors, you see many, many reflections of yourself and anyone else in the hallway with you. Levi was walking down the hallway in front of me and Rita was directly behind me. Levi loves Rita, or Auntie Ra, as he calls her. No. Not loves. He CAPITAL L-O-V-Es her. So I said to him, "Levi, look at Auntie Ra!" and pointed upwards at one reflection of her. And then I said again, "Levi, look! Auntie Ra is over here too!" So Levi looked up and to the left and then up and to the right and realized that he was surrounded by nothing but images of Auntie Ra. His response? His face went from confused to delighted to overwhelmed and then he screamed and ran out of the hallway as fast as his little legs could carry him. Rita and I collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter. 

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