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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Away Down The River ~ Alison Krauss

I went to St. Louis/Illinois at the end of October/beginning of November.
That is exactly how far behind I am.

But! I did redesign my blog! And in such a way so that no one can comment ever! How awesome is that? Please read the last sentence with your inner sarcastic voice. Thank you. The thing is, I really like the blog's new look and do not want to change it back soooooooooo........... yeah.

Back to my trip. I am going to do a few photo heavy posts reviewing my trip. Just for funsies. And life archival purposes.

I flew into St. Louis on Friday and was picked up by my sister.

True story:
I was standing outside waiting for my sister and despite the fact that I KNEW she drove a mini-van and that it was definitely her and not my baby sister that was picking me up,  I still ended up in a very awkward waving, "Yay! I am so glad you are here!" situation with a woman who looked very similar to my baby sister and was driving a vehicle identical to the one that my mom drives. (longest sentence ever!) In my defense, SHE started it.  Dear all blond women at airport pick-up areas ever: Do not wave at me. I might confuse you with my sister. I am awesome like that.

Once my ACTUAL sister showed up in her mini-van, I got my first glimpse of my NEW niece. But she was sleeping, so I had to focus my attention on freaking out my justbarely awake nephew.   He continues to make the best faces.  But his faces are decidedly more judgmental now. It is awesome.

Pictures From Friday:

Always check for monsters on the wing! 

This book is a NON-recommend for me. Still mad about the ending. Ever read a book that is well-written but still INSANELY frustrating?  

And now gratuitous preciousness..... Miss Ella is the sweetest of the sweet. Like a unicorn-themed cupcake wrapped in cotton candy.

Friday night I conned my dad into treating me to my FAVORITE ever restaurant planned dinner with my dad and his gal. BARcelona people. Go there. Drink much sangria. Be prepared to talk VERY loud because it is super noisy. 

Dad and Bonnie at BARcelona. 

And just because....this is what I wore:

And there you have it. Day One. Don't fret, I do not think I will be able to do a post for each of the 10 days. I will smush some days together here and there.

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  1. Ella is so precious!

    I was just talking with a friend about something similar yesterday. We all gotta be really careful about getting into cars without looking at who's driving/if it's really your car. Had a couple of ... incidents.