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Friday, December 21, 2012

Blinded or Bored by Science

Back to the St. Louis trip review. Saturday.

Saturday there was a trip to the St. Louis Science Center. We went to the special exhibit for Wildlife Rescue, which I am sorry to say was totally lame and boring. I mega-heart the St. Louis Science Center, but that exhibit was a fail in my book. In fairness, I might have enjoyed it on my own, but Levi, the two-year old I was with, was not feeling it. He enjoyed pushing buttons and there was one exhibit about heart rates of animals that he enjoyed.  Everything else did not provide enough cause and effect for his age two attention span. Although that exhibit did give me the opportunity to snap a pic of Margaux looking like this:

Twenty something not mutant nor ninja turtle! 

More science center pictures:

The Science Center has a walkway that goes over Highway 40 . This is my nephew Levi, my sister Marguax, and I standing over Hwy 40. 

Levi totally did not grasp how to use these binoculars. But he sure looked cute pretending like he did! 

Levi could have stared at the life size dinosaurs all day - but from a safe distance. They moved! They roared! 

Levi's favorite part of the science center? Magnetic foam tetris pieces that went on a magnet board. 

Outside the science center. My favorite pink Nikes, green grass, fall leaves. What about this picture is a bad thing????

Walking away from the science center. 

The building next to the science center for pretty hipstamatic reasons only. 


Saturday night the sisters, brother-in-law, and kiddos all went to visit my other sister, Margaux, at her place of employment. A place I had never been before. A place called Texas Roadhouse.


And people COMPLIED! And started tagging me in pictures of turkeys. TURKEYS! My mortal enemies. See here. And here

Needless to say, my family is banned from touching my phone ever again. And the Texas Roadhouse waiting area is not a good place for me. 

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