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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Garden ~ Pearl Jam

Day 7, Thursday.

Thursday, Emma and I ventured out with the kiddos to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

This little outing was mostly about Levi getting to feed the giant koi in the Japanese Garden.

Then we went to and grabbed lunch (to-go due to sleeping babies) at a St. Louis institution, the Crown Candy Kitchen.  I have to say that one of the best parts of this trip was that I got to go to most of my favorite places (sad face over no Bailey's Chocolate Bar this trip), but I also got to experience some new St. Louis places. Of course, it sort of just gives me more to miss, but it is worth it. 

That evening my sisters and I went to another new to me place, Farmhaus. If I had to describe Farmhaus, I would say, "It's all about the pork."   

I told my sisters from the get go that I intended to embarrassingly over-document the dinner food blogger-style. With my usual lack of commitment and follow-through, halfway through the meal  I was over it. But my sisters, apparently still swept up in my early zeal, reminded me to get pictures of the later courses.

And so....

Rita's drink: This drink was not good. We actually had to send it back. It tasted like pure cloves. She had to send it back and switched over to a Cosmo. A much safer bet. I felt vindicated because I had TOLD my sisters that this drink was not the way to go, having recently had my own bad experience with "fall-themed" alcoholic beverages. Emma and I stuck to wine. 
Sweet Potato Chip Nachos with Bleu Cheese, Jalepenos, and I don't know what else, but for sure there was a pork element. Yes please and thank you! 

Ham Crostini. Eh. 

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf topped with little crispy fried onions atop a bed of some sort of mashed sweet potato situation. Oh So Good! 

Really was not kidding about the pork situation. This is pork belly (aka a blob of revoluting fat), a sausage link, and yummy cornmeal pancakes. 

And this? This was everything you have ever dreamed of and more. Chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, whipped cream , and I don't even remember what else. All good things. 

And it is at this point, that you receive a reprieve from my incessant trip posts. I started to write Friday's post only to realize I have no more pictures from my trip. And I didn't really go out and do anything Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Except for drinks with Margaux and Rita late Saturday night. So there you go! The end. 

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