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Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Morning ~ Melanie Fiona

Day 4 of my St. Louis Trip.

On Monday I dropped my mom off at her doctor's appointment and was able to catch up with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Leigh Ann. I get to see her about once every third visit to Illinois.

Then I helped my mom "winterize" her place, which mostly involved moving giant heavy plants that my mom has owned since before I was born from outside to inside while trying not to get dirt all over her carpet. You can only imagine how awesome I was at that task. Ha!

Then it was back to St. Louis. Just in time for Margaux and I to take Levi on a little jaunt to the park and Barnes & Noble.

After a family dinner, I met up with friends at the Rooftop Bar St. Louis, 360, on top of the Hilton in downtown St. Louis. I had never been but heard a lot about it and had seen lots of friends' Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures there, so I was looking forward to going.

Busch Stadium at night. Sad and empty after losing in the post-season. 


Joe Joe! 

A horribly fuzzy picture of us, but it is the only one of us I have. : ( 

True Story: Imediately upon arrival my sisters charmed the bartender into making them their own special concoction. It was so good that I wanted to order one as well. Assuming the bartender did not know who they were, having just met them, I merely pointed to them and said that I would like what they were having. The bartender snidely replied, "You mean Margaux and Rita?" As if to chastise me for not knowing the names of two of the people in my group. I just as snidely replied, "Yes. Margaux and Rita, MY sisters. I would like the same thing you made for my SISTERS." And then watched as he made my drink to make sure he didn't spit in it. 

View from the Hilton 360. 

Jaime! Sadly, her husband was not feeling well that night. : ( 

And that, my friends, was Monday.

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  1. love seeing all these pictures! 'megs mind' is giving me something to do - as I nervously try to distract myself from the fact that my little girl is on her way to YOU in a tiny metal tube at 10000 feet (or whatever). glad i haven't seen the movie "flight".