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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paul McCartney and the #121212 Concert

This might be an embarrassing confession. I am not sure. Let me know, will ya?

I need to start off by explaining to you that I am a hardcore Paul McCartney fan. I mean no disrespect. But somehow I had the long held view that Paul was something of the....fluffy Beatle.

Not deep and meaningful like John. Or religious like George. Or....quirky(?) like Ringo. I certainly never saw him as a rocker. I don't know. He was just the family friendly Beatle or something. Not that any of them were NOT family friendly. Hello! Am I member of my family or am I member of my family??? Beatles = everything.

And no matter how much I have listened to every Beatles, Wings, or solo Paul McCartney effort since, my childhood viewpoint of Paul McCartney has remained. Something like Paul McCartney is the Big Bird of the music business or something.

Last night, as I was watching the 12.12.12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy it was like a veil was suddenly lifted. Paul McCartney is kind of a rock star!

But...he might need to acknowledge that he needs a haircut and should cut back on the hair dye. It's okay Paul. We all know you have gray hair. Let it be. Let it be.

Other thoughts: Let Me Roll It is just about one of my most favorites ever so big ups to Paul for performing it. On the other hand, Live and Let Die seemed.....insensitive? Cuz, you know... hurricane relief efforts and don't just let die....? Just me?

And on a non-Sir Paul note, I love watching Dave Grohl play the drums. Thank you. That is all.

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  1. Haha, totally with you on the needing a haircut. But, yeah, he's an icon, man!