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Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 By The Numbers

2,012: The number of times I thought about throwing everything I could fit into my car and running (driving) back to St. Louis.

2,013: The number of times I realized that running (driving) back to St. Louis would not solve my problems. It would just replace them with a different set of problems. (For examples: How much I would miss Tucson instead of how much I miss St. Louis. How miserable the winters would make me instead of how miserable the summers make me.)

2: Actual trips to St. Louis. Read a little about one of them here. The most recent one can be found here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here (I might have gotten carried away).

2: Trips to San Diego. One for a wedding in March. And San Diego was OUT TO GET ME that trip. Cold! Rain! Snow! Uncomfortable shoes! The other trip was a little Labor Day getaway and San Diego and I TOTALLY made up that trip. Beach! Sunshine! Good food! Dancing! SD and I are SO friends again.

27: The number of Doctor Who episodes I watched.

97: Number of posts I did in 2012. (Versus the 190 posts I did 2011)

I recently was doing some research on archives and archivists.  I had read about a study being done to determine how much of the internet is archived. It made me think about how much of me is archived, specifically here on this blog. I mean, that's how this whole blog thing got started. I was having an anti-Facebook moment. My creative side was craving an outlet. My family was constantly wondering if I was still alive because I am not a huge fan of phone calls. All of this culminated into Meg's Mind. A digital archive of my life. The problem is that while I find the idea of a true to my life archive here on this blog to be utterly romantic, the reality of it turns me off.

So off into 2013 we go, dear readers! What comes next remains to be seen.

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