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Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Finds

Instead of blogging, I have been checking this stuff out:

Daily Dress Me. In no way could I dress like this, but I think this is a supercool idea. Just put in your city and instantly get suggestions on how to dress for the weather.

I do not have a kid and so have no practical use for this brilliant iPhone contract one mother wrote for her child, but the rules struck me as rules most people should apply in their lives.

For all the DIY's I will never do, but will continue to pin like a mad woman all over Pinterest, there are these gift ideas.

Do I apply these two easy steps? No. Do I think I should? Yes.

Some of my favorite words from one of my favorite bloggers, Suzy Krause + The Skyscrapers,
               "In a world of insecure people flat-out lying to each other all the time just for the sake of feeling good, it was a weird kind of refreshing. Besides, compliments mean more when you know someone wouldn't give them unless they were deserved."  ~ From this post

I know these are all good tips on fighting insomnia. I just have a tendency to NOT do most of them. Not so good for my insomniac self. Also? I needed this reminder because I just finished up a cold, which means I just finished up a stint of Nyquil-induced sleep. And this means I have to teach myself to go to sleep chemically free ALL over again. Fun Times. 

Today's moment of zen (habits, that is). 

That's all folks! Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. DANG. daily dress me doesn't work for canada.
    sad. :(
    but thanks for including me in your links post! :)