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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Long Hair. Don't Care.

Way back in the early days of this blog many, many, many posts were posted about my beauty product addiction. While the poverty-stricken days of late 2011 and early 2012 severely curbed this addiction, I have managed to come across a product here and there that light my world on fire since then. One such product is It's a 10 Hairspray. This quickly became the only hairspray that I have ever loved.

1. It does not make my hair crispy. 
2. It smells loverly. 
3. It is neither too much or too little hold. Just right. 

Due to my immense love of It's a 10 Hairspray and having a convenient and generous supplier, my collection of It's 10 haircare products has grown to shampoo, conditioner, mousse (I LOVE THE MOUSSE THIS MUCH), styling cream, leave-in conditioner, some sort of shine serum thing-y, and of course, the aforementioned hairspray. 

But there is this odd thing...as much as I use It's a 10 products, I still strongly associate the scent of Biolage as the way hair SHOULD smell. The ultimate, definitive smell of hair to me is Biolage. Why? Because that is basically the only hair product line I was exposed to as a kid. My mom always bought Biolage. And the smell is so sweet and distinctive that it has stuck with me all these years. My hair stylist will occasionally hook me up with some Biolage samples or products and every time I use them I am struck with this comforting nostalgia of the history of my haircare.

Recently, my hair stylist gave me a sample of Biolage's Nourishing Hand Cream. It works well, but it smells EXACTLY like their shampoo and conditioner. And so, when I put it on I suddenly feel self-conscious. Waiting for people to ask me why they suddenly smell hair. I have to remind myself that, more than likely, few people associate the Biolage scent with what hair is supposed to smell like. Which causes me to wonder.....do you have a scent that you associate with hair? Or a haircare product story to share?

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