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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten On Tuesday: Get in my ears!

Right now, these are the songs on repeat. And by "right now" I mean as I am typing this. Not weeks later when you are reading this. Sorry.

1. Alex ~ Punch Brothers
2. Aberdeen ~ Cage the Elephant
3. About Face ~ Grizzly Bear
4. Act Nice and Gentle ~ The Black Keys
5. Ain't Leavin' Without You ~ Jaheim
6. Little Motel ~ Modest Mouse (sidenote: I used to torture a friend by purposely pretending that I could in no way discern Modest Mouse from Franz Ferdinand.)
7. She ~ Laura Mvula
8. Take Five ~ The Dave Brubeck Quartet (In Memory)
9. Tears Always Win ~ Alicia Keys
10. Worry ~ Little Comets (and yes, I know, I JUST used this song in a different Ten on Tuesday, but I really like it!)  

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