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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Twice Upon A December

My niece was briefly in town for a visit. This is the second year in a row that she has come out to visit me over her holiday break from school.

This year's highlights included: Food poisoning and Super QT. I also got to spend some quality time convincing her that I was a complete troll by complaining over and over and over again that  Les Miserables, "had too many feelings."   Just. So. Many. Feelings. And so few of them were positive feelings.

Other activities included a trip to Biosphere 2 with fellow dork squad member, Becca.  There we learned about Terrorist Irritations and Phalanges. We might have not been paying the best attention to the tour guide. But it is hard to pay attention when you are plotting ways to spend more time inside the amazing awesomeness that is the Lung. But mostly what I got from our tour of Biosphere 2 was that they are still a little defensive about the First Mission that ended in 1993. Despite the fact that NO ONE in the tour group had brought it up, the tour guide told us no less than three times that it was NOT a failure. Okay then. Good to know.

The tropical biome. Also known as the only time in hours that I achieved a comfortable temperature. 

Florida Mangroves in the marsh biome. 

THE LUNG!!!! BEHOLD ITS AWESOMENESS! ECHO CHAMBER! BOUNCY FLOOR! AIR LOCK! And as an additional bonus, it currently serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. It just sits there being cool. 

See? Look! Phalanges! 

Falaj, phalanges. You say poh-tah-toe, I say poh-tay-toe. 
The excitement of learning about terraced irrigation proved to be too much for Juli and I. 

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