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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Short and Sweet

Alex ~ The Punch Brothers. 

I am sure there are things I could be blogging about right now. Scratch that. I KNOW there are things I could be blogging about right now. But it would get in the way of my intense focus on listening to "Alex" by the Punch Brothers more times than any person ever.  Yes. I am STILL obsessed with this song. And also yes,  I have talked about it already on this blog and on Facebook and on Twitter and in real life. And I thought the love affair would be dead by now. But it isn't. It is still alive and oh so hot. 

I am not even sure I know what this song is really about. Or why I love it so much. I just do. 

You know what gets me about it? The lyrics. Also, everything else about it. 

And now you are going to go listen to this song and hate it and not understand my obsession and judge me and you know what? I will not care. Because I will be pretending that someone just said to me: 

      "Let your long hair down, like the prettiest brush you could ever use to paint this town." 

Does it matter that my hair is not that long or that I am not a "paint the town" kinda girl? No. It does not. 

This song makes me wish that I had a need to outdo myself so that I could never outgrow that need. It also makes me wish that my name was Alex. And that I was the type of person that other people would be jealous of so that I could take advice  to "heed not the jealous kind." 

And this is where I go from weird to REALLY weird:  My favorite thing about this song is that it is such a small little song. A miniature song. And you think to yourself, "What a cute little song!" But the longer you listen, the more you see the intricacies. That it is something complex and profound. It is like holding a tiny little orb in your hand and realizing that there is actually an entire world within that orb. Which is a metaphor that I think I learned from watching Men In Black.  

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