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Sunday, March 24, 2013

400th Post. Except Not.

Last Monday was my 400th post. Assuming you don't want to get too technical with it. The thing is that generally I quasi-celebrate such milestones by going through and deleting, editing, and changing past blog material. So in celebration of my 400th post, I no longer HAVE 400 posts on my blog. I figure if I keep this up, one day I will only have quality content on here. (It's okay. You can cynical laugh at this point.)

In honor of what was my 400th post, here are the "fan favorites" from the blog (the ones with the most views):

Links to them:
Dirt Road Anthem ~ Jason Aldean 
Youth and Young Womanhood
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Fear ~ Drake
Dearest Future Niece
Get You Some Culture 
Because This is My Life....Aunties
Because This Is My Life: Things That Happen To Me At Target


  1. that's a fun idea! the linking to most popular post thing. i should do that.

    1. I would LOVE to see what your most popular posts are!