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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Library Loving: The Blue Castle

The Blue Castle ~ L.M. Montgomery

Hallie Ephron recently wrote an article for O Magazine about the complicated relationship she and her sisters, Delia, Nora, and Amy, had with their mother. In her article, she mentions a particular book that her mom passed her and her sister to read, The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery.  

Not only is The Blue Castle one of my favorite L.M. Montgomery books, it is also one of my favorite books ever. Except that growing up, I always felt a little guilty over my love of this book because Valancy, the main character was defiant and disobedient to her family. SHOCKING! (Which really emphasizes my point in this post. If you think an L.M. Montgomery heroine is inappropriate, you may be a ridiculous goody two shoes.)

The reason I fell in love with this book was the beginning of the book where Valancy describes her blue castle and how she escapes her life via daydreaming. I am was such a daydreamer growing up and Valancy was the first character I was introduced to that daydreamed like I did. Other literary characters had claimed to, but none had described their daydreams and the motives behind them with the conviction of Valancy Stirling. Also, prior to her defiance and disobedience, she clearly reached my level of goody two shoe goodness. In short, Valancy Stirling knew my life.

Read this if:
~ You are a daydreaming teenage girl.
~ You are trying to avoid reading Anna Karenina and you used to be a daydreaming teenage girl.

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