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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Library Loving: Organizing From the Inside Out

Organizing From the Inside Out ~ Julie Morgenstern.

Today, I am stealing something I wrote about a book from an old blog I used to have. I remember liking this book.  I am a fan of anything to do with organizing. Not so much the actual organizing part, but the finding clever ideas on how to organize part.  This book is an easy read and less boring than my comments below reveal.

Here is the information that I found to be particularly useful and/or important:

1. Before you go out and buy any kind of container measure the height, width, & depth of what you need to store and the area you are going to store it. When you get to the store, measure the containers that you want. This saves you any unnecessary trips to return items that are too small or too big.

2. Page 42 of the book contains a little fill in the blank exercise that is to help you take stock of the problems you want to solve and why. It also helps you find the motivation to get these problems solved. It is an easy little thing to fill out and it really helps you see clearly what needs to be done.

3. On Page 85 in the Traditional Offices and Filing Systems chapter, she suggests creating a file index. Simply put it is an list of the files that you keep and what is in those files. I really like this idea. It helps make filing and finding fast and easy.

Other highlights include a look at why we get or are so disorganized and how we can overcome these psychological and environmental factors, list of Julie's favorite tools for different areas (closets, desks, etc.), and a No-Brainer Toss List for each different area.

Read this book if you have stacks and heaps you don't know what to do with.

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