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Monday, March 18, 2013

Much Love Monday: A Collection of things.

A collection of things I am loving this Monday:

1. I recently discovered that I could send gifs to other iPhone owners and that is basically what I do with my free time now. Find gifs and iMessage them to people. It brings me joy! For example, I might text this to someone who pays me a compliment.

2. This is my 400th post. How did that happen? And should I have something special to say about it? 

3. Mail from my family. THEY ARE SO AWESOME! Mail makes me so so happy! 

4. All of the spring colors and floral going on in fashion. These shoes for example. And all of the things that are coral and mint. 

That is what I am loving this Monday. How about you? 


  1. love discovering new blog and cool peoples. Happy I stopped by.

    1. Well thank you! I read your blog on the regular!! Always love your music recommendations.

  2. I can not even lie to you: It is SO awesome!

  3. Gah, another reason why I should've bought an iphone. I love gifs!