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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Because This Is My Life...Purse Problems

Because this is my life....I can not judge what other ladies keep in their purses because I keep a lot of really random weird stuff in my purse.

So a large group of my friends and I were out for dinner one night. Shortly after we are served water, my bestest pulls out her giant purse, digs through it, and pulls out a full-size bottle of lime juice. I begin to proclaim my surprise at this and before I can get a sentence out, she gives me a look and says,

"Don't even start with me! You keep SPEAKERS in your purse, remember?"

Well played bestest. Well played.

Several people at the table burst into laughter. They all recalled the time that we were sitting in Russian class and the instructor was having technical difficulties. He said he needed speakers. Everyone started looking around a little at a loss because it's not like you come to Russian class equipped with speakers. Except that for reasons I do not remember, I did, in fact, have a set of small speakers in my purse. And so, I piped up, "I have speakers!!!!!" And everyone stared at me like the total freak that I most definitely am and then burst into hysterical laughter as I proceeded to pull a set of speakers out of my purse. Sadly, they were not the right kind for the situation, but still.

Ladies, what do you keep in your purse?


  1. You will regularly find socks in my purse.

  2. I'm one of those boring people who only keep the necessities in there... wallet, glasses, lipgloss and hairclip. See, boring.

  3. I just found this post because I no longer know how to work your blog. Love the speaker story! Anyway, just had to say that I can now "officially" dance like Ellen DeGeneres. "Get Back" by the Beatles is the best song to dance like Ellen Degeneres. Get back, Loretta, your mother's calling....
    My purse is full of spilled coffee today.

  4. I had to buy deoderant while at the store because I forgot to put some on... Well I discovered it's still in my purse :)