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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Here I am, sitting at Paradise Bakery, working.

Sidenote: Paradise Bakery is owned by Panera, which means that Paradise Bakery IS for all intents and purposes, St. Louis Bread Company. Now all I need is a Steak-n-Shake and my life is complete.

Sidenote to my sidenote: If you are from a Steak-n-Shake area and you now live in Tucson, Freddy's is not, in my opinion, a good substitute for Steak-n-Shake. 

Where was I? Oh yes. Sitting at Paradise Baker working. Legitimately working on work-type things. When I realized that it is STILL Tuesday and there is STILL time to create a Ten on Tuesday post and not neglect my blog. Except that as soon as I opened up my blog to start my Ten on Tuesday list, I realized that it is actually Wednesday.

So now I am writing this post about how I thought it was Tuesday instead. And here is why I thought it was Tuesday: For this week and next week, I am working three jobs. In fact, let me just give you a run down of my life for the rest of this week and all of next week.

Work most of day at job 1.
Go to shiny, sparkly new job for training for 2 hours.
Go be Exec. Director of a non-profit for at least an hour.
*Please note: I do all of the above while wearing very high heels. Why is that important information? Because I am woman, hear me roar. That is why. 
And then either go home and wash dishes and/or do laundry, and/or a million and a half other around the house type chores or or work some more (like tonight) and THEN go home and more than likely do a face plant directly on to my bed.

Then on Saturday I am volunteering and I have to be there at 4:30 AM. Yes. Be there at 4:30 AM. Then on Sunday, my day will start at approximately 5:30 AM and run for about 12 hours.

Then next week I will work 3 jobs again all week.
And volunteer the following weekend, and yes, I will again have to start my volunteering at 4:30 AM.

And I am delighted. I mean, I complain, but I am also filled with perverse delight at how stupid busy this week is and next week is going to be. And when common sense starts to kick in and try to tell me how incredibly stupid this schedule is, I tell common sense to just think about how nice and pleasant and relaxed life is going to feel after these two weeks. Assuming, of course, that I don't find another third job. And let's be honest, with my track record, I will more than likely find another third job.


  1. I'm having a hard time believing that you were working, particularly on actual work-type things. I now aver three (3) lines of evidence that you were in fact NOT working:

    1. You were at a bakery. Nobody works at a bakery, except the bakers.

    2. You were blogging. Unless job number 1 is bogging, and we know that it is not, you were not working.

    3. You thought it was Tuesday. I might forget on vacation, or during a long weekend, but who gets confused on a working Tuesday?

    My logic is unassailable. Sadly, you may now lose job #1, but I won't feel so bad since you can fall back on the other two.

  2. It sounds exhausting! But whenever I'm super busy like this, I'm usually super happy too :)