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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Whole New World

Friday morning I woke up, lounged in bed, and contemplated what time I would like to arrive at work. Arriving at that decision, I turned to what to wear. Almost my entire closet is now open to me. No longer chained to neutral colors and professional wear, the daily decision of what to wear has become a delight. Friday's decision was black ballet flats, black jeans, a black camisole, and a neon yellow shirt. Why? The better is question is, "Why not?" If you own neon and have free reign to wear it, why would you let anything stop you?

I drove to work calmly. Not once was I seized with panic, fear, or uncertainty about what awaited me at the end of my drive. I knew what awaited me. A full day of work. Nothing more, nothing less. If I should come up against something that made me unsure of how to proceed, I had an entire building full of people ready and willing to help me. If I made a mistake, my teammates and managers would help me to correct it.

Not once on Friday was I made uncomfortable by a superior, controlled, manipulated, or made to feel small through condescension. No one expected me to do more than I was capable of doing while simultaneously providing none of the tools necessary to accomplish my assigned tasks. I wasn't incensed by sexism or embarrassed by someone's politically incorrect behavior.

I filled out paperwork for health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance, some of which is entirely company funded. I requested and was granted vacation time. And none of these benefits came with reminders of my employer's magnanimity. Rather, these benefits were treated like standard practice. I was not made to feel like an ingrate if I did not grovel with gratitude.  This motivated me to grovel with gratitude, totally free of resentment.

Friday was a good day. Every day at my new job has been a good day. So good that, quite frankly, I wouldn't have cared if I was now enjoying a three-day weekend. But, of course, I am.  That's how good jobs work.

Side note: I am still the Executive Director at the non-profit...and am loving it. More on that to come. 

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  1. That's great you have a job you love! I quit mine a couple of months ago for similar reasons, so I know how much a bad job can make you unhappy.