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Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Update

33 Before 33 update: 

1. Go to New York City UPDATE: My plane ticket has been purchased. New York City here I come! 
2. Finish a video I am making as a going away present for my friend. (She ALREADY moved, months ago) And procrastination for the win! I did work on this a very teeny tiny little bit. So there's that. 
3. Post more on this blog than I did last year. 98 posts or more, here I come! UPDATE: I have only done 37 posts so far. Not so hot on this one. I foresee a very post heavy fall. haha. 
4.  Institute a bed time. Keep it. 
5. Follow up last year's success in paying off one of my stressful debts by paying off another one. 
6. Go somewhere (out of state) that I have never been before. 
7. Get my passport. 
8. Read ALL of Anna Karenina. 10 pages down, 8 bajillion to go. Like maybe 100 pages down now? But that was forever ago, so now I probably need to start over so I can remember what has happened. 
9. Read ALL of at least 10 other books.  
10. Create a new collage. 
11. Finish one of my crossword books. 
12. Eat at 12 new restaurants in Tucson. The more variety, the better. Thus far: 1. Proper 2. El Pueblito Taqueria at Mercado San Agustin 3. North 4. Monkey Burger 5. Maynard's Market 6. Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress 7. Sparkroot 8. Thunder Canyon Brewery 9. Chantilly Tea Room 
13. Put myself on at least one month long spending freeze. 
14. Start cooking the recipes and crafting the crafts I have pinned on my Pinterest. 
15. Develop a regular exercise routine. That lasts. Even if that regular exercise routine is something super pathetic like walking for 20 minutes a week. At this point, something (anything) is better than nothing. 
16. Hike Seven Falls, Sabino Canyon. 
17. Use up all of my stationary! By writing cards and letters to people! HELP! HELP I keep getting more stationary. Must. stop.this. addiction. 
18. Phew....this list is really hard. Get a head start on 34 before 34 for next year. 
19. Clean out ALL of the currently starred items in my Google Reader.  DONE! Of course, Google forced my hand by announcing they would be closing down Google Reader July 1st. I have switched over to theoldreader.com
20. Create and give a REALLY AWESOME presentation advocating the non-profit I work for in the afternoons. 
21. Write my first ever grant for the aforementioned non-profit. UPDATE: I have basically 10 days to write 2 grants and oh by the way, I am also moving on July 1st. Why is this always my life?? Because I procrastinate. Badly.  
22. Learn how to make a cocktail I actually like with St. Germain. I have identified a cocktail I like with St. Germain in it. Now I just need to learn how to make it!
23. Finish my completely frivolous and flippant e-book. 
24. Figure out the whole e-book thing. haha. 
25. Find an easy system for cataloging all of my digital images and organize them. Any suggestions? 
26. Experience more live music. Portland Cello Project anyone? Coming to Tucson in February. DONE! So far this year I have seen The Xx live, attended Sunday Night Slow Jams, went to Phoenix to see Taylor Swift, and gone to the Tucson Pops at Reid Park. If the weather cools enough I might check out a free outdoor jazz concert on Friday. Way more live music than last year!! 
27. Go to the Tucson Gem Show. Very big deal here in Tucson and I have never been. Sooooo..... I missed this. Oops! On to next year's list it goes. 
28. Go to the local Botanical Gardens. 
29. Teach myself how to make good tres leches cake. 
30.  Finish watching all 7 (?) seasons of Doctor Who. I just started season 4. UPDATE: I am finishing up Season 6 as I type this. Season 6 is the last season on Netflix, so I think I might be as done as I can be on this one. 
31. Create a Life List for Go Mighty
32. Make a batch of homemade gifts and give them to people. For no reason. 
33. Take the basket of clothes that has been sitting in my closet for an EMBARRASSINGLY LONG time to the seamstress to get reworked already!!! It will be like having a whole bunch of new clothes, but for way less $$$. What is stopping me? 

Someday there will be details on finished goals to follow! 

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