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Monday, June 24, 2013

Much Love Monday: Gummy Bears

The takeaway from this post should be that if you don't have a Sprouts grocery store near you, your life is empty and meaningless. Why? Because Sprouts is where you can find this amazing goodness:

 These are, in fact, the world's BEST gummy bears. And Sprouts sells them in bulk. And so I eat them in bulk. Except for the purple ones. Because, of course, I do not eat purple candy of any kind. They are not too firm and not too gummy. They are juicy tasting. They are just right. And they are adorable and pretty. And they make excellent welcome home gifts for your friends who have been gone for two weeks. What better way to get rid of the purple ones?

What are you loving this Monday? 


  1. Haha. I love that you picked the purple ones out!

    7% Solution​

  2. yumiii i love gummy bears hihi. i do the same thing with blue m&m's... i just don't eat them LOL. weirdo :)

    lots of love xx