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Thursday, August 15, 2013

My strange exception to the stranger danger rule.

**Blogger's note: I wrote this post last week and scheduled it to publish today. As of yesterday, my tolerance for stranger danger has significantly decreased. Yesterday there was a moment of stranger danger SO EPIC that I probably should have called the cops. That story is best left untold, but the key words are "indecent" and "exposure."**

I just realized that I had one of my infamous "stranger danger" moments today, but didn't even think of it as "stranger danger" because the man in question said the magic words, "St. Louis."

This is both a classic stranger danger story and a perfect example of why logic has no place here. Ready? Cause this one is a two for one special!

So I was leaving Tucson City Court today (totally got caught being nefarious and had to pay the penalty), when a man standing outside the courthouse asked me if I was a registered voter. I unsuccessfully tried to pull off my signature "I am unaware of your presence and do not hear you speaking to me" evasion technique, but somehow there was accidental eye contact on my part and so I was forced to say something like "No, thank you" while continuing to move at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately for me, I was carrying my St. Louis bag with me (seen here) and the man spotted and yelled after me, "St. Louis? I used to live in St. Louis."  If I have one weakness in my stranger danger armor, it is people who wear red shirts in Target it is people who have a connection to home somehow. Illinois or St. Louis. They both equally get to me. The irony is, of course, that if I had run into this man IN St. Louis and he had tried to talk to me, I would have kept on walking and not looked back. But put him in Tucson and suddenly I am compelled to have a nice chat with this total stranger.

So we chatted about general areas where our family lived back in the Midwest and he told me that I was pretty - twice. And then we wished each other a nice day and I headed back to work. And it was pleasant and fine. However, had he not ever lived in St. Louis, you had better believe that I would be totally having a neurotic breakdown right now about how weird men in random public places always feel compelled to talk to me.

Because this is my life .... logic has no place here.

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  1. That would've been a tough call, but the fact that he said you were pretty twice, even though you ARE!, is a red flag for me. Registered voter, huh? Would it have required, say, your address?! ha, ha. Watching too much Dateline. Surely, outside the courthouse.....would attract much police attention. Still, you never know. Good call. love, Netty