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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People.

If life has taught me one lesson over and over, it is that I am a highly ineffective person.  Don't be jealous! I have developed this super useless list of 7 habits you can develop to be just as ineffective as me!

2. Hope that an issue will clear up on its own despite all evidence to the contrary and repeated warnings.
3. Be like Brave Sir Robin and run away.  
4. Wait until the last possible moment all of the time on everything.
5. Don't communicate.  Bottle that junk up.   For like, forever.
6. Keep plenty of more fun distractions handy when tackling something difficult or overwhelming.
7. Take no responsibility for your actions ever - OR - spend all of your time and energy beating yourself up for your mistakes because this is ALL.YOUR.FAULT. You are a giant stupid embarrassing loser.  Wallow in that.  (Just pick whichever one comes naturally to you and go with that).


  1. I have been very, very guilty of number 2. I'm working on it :)

  2. oh, my! hahahahhahahahahahah. Totally funny. Yes, and highly ineffective. I once told someone that I was broken, and his reply was: "If you're broken, you can mend." Isn't that lovely? YOU SHALL OVERCOME! Netty