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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Day In The Life......on Vacation.

As well as I can remember, every year of my life included a vacation. Every year of my life, up until the year that I moved to Tucson. Since moving to Tucson, I have taken small weekend trips, visited family, gone new places with a purpose and taken in sights simultaneously, but I have only taken two true vacations. The first one was a short vacation to San Diego with my sister Margaux several years ago. The most recent was a ten day (TEN WHOLE STINKING DAYS) trip to New York with my sister Rita and then on to Connecticut for a wedding.

I had forgotten how hedonistically good it felt to not work (or be bothered by work) for TEN WHOLE JOYOUS DAYS! I keep thinking that because it was such an amazing trip, there should be so much to blog about. But the truth is, it was such an amazing trip because I really needed a break and that is exactly what this trip was. Very little pressure. Very few obligations. Lots of fun things to do, good friends to see, food to eat, and drinks to drink.

I will just tell you about my favorite day of the trip:

Wednesday, September 4th:

Woke up and got ready at leisurely pace.

Walked to Subway - weather could not be more perfect if it tried.

Took Subway to beautiful area of Brooklyn.

Wandered around looking for food. Enjoyed views.

Found a little cafe and sat outdoors and ate a delicious brunch.

Walked to Brooklyn Bethel - went on tour. Saw historical exhibition.

Went to another outdoor cafe and ordered a pitcher of sangria and amazing desserts.

Enjoyed amazing waterfront and Brooklyn Bridge views.

Headed in general direction of stairs to Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, there were stops along the way. (Stores, Starbucks, bathroom breaks, etc.)
Crossed Brooklyn Bridge.

Saw sign on Manhattan side of bridge for Chinatown and Little Italy.
Went shopping in Chinatown.
Ate dinner in Little Italy.
Caught cab back to our apartment in Brooklyn.
Got comfy, watched a little tv, went to bed.

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