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Friday, September 20, 2013

I have made this list, now I must check it twice.

A quick update on my 33 before 33 since I have crossed a few more off my list. Every time I read my list I think, "Oh shoot, I totally forgot that one was on here!" I am starting to feel a little bit of anxiety about completing them all.  

1. Go to New York City 
2. Finish a video I am making as a going away present for my friend. 
3. Post more on this blog than I did last year. 98 posts or more, here I come! 
4.  Institute a bed time. Keep it. 
5. Follow up last year's success in paying off one of my stressful debts by paying off another one. 
6. Go somewhere (out of state) that I have never been before. 
7. Get my passport. 
8. Read ALL of Anna Karenina. 10 pages down, 8 bajillion to go. 
9. Read ALL of at least 10 other books.  
10. Create a new collage. 
11. Finish one of my crossword books. 
12. Eat at 12 new restaurants in Tucson. The more variety, the better.  
13. Put myself on at least one month long spending freeze. 
14. Start cooking the recipes and crafting the crafts I have pinned on my Pinterest. 
15. Develop a regular exercise routine. That lasts. Even if that regular exercise routine is something super pathetic like walking for 20 minutes a week. At this point, something (anything) is better than nothing. 
16. Hike Seven Falls, Sabino Canyon. 
17. Use up all of my stationary! By writing cards and letters to people! 
18. Phew....this list is really hard. Get a head start on 34 before 34 for next year. 
19. Clean out ALL of the currently starred items in my Google Reader.  
20. Create and give a REALLY AWESOME presentation advocating the non-profit I work for in the afternoons. 
21. Write my first ever grant for the aforementioned non-profit.  
22. Learn how to make a cocktail I actually like with St. Germain. 
23. Finish my completely frivolous and flippant e-book. 
24. Figure out the whole e-book thing. haha. 
25. Find an easy system for cataloging all of my digital images and organize them. Any suggestions? 
26. Experience more live music. Portland Cello Project anyone? Coming to Tucson in February. 
27. Go to the Tucson Gem Show. Very big deal here in Tucson and I have never been.  
28. Go to the local Botanical Gardens. 
29. Teach myself how to make good tres leches cake. 
30.  Finish watching all 7 (?) seasons of Doctor Who. 
31. Create a Life List for Go Mighty
32. Make a batch of homemade gifts and give them to people. For no reason. 
33. Take the basket of clothes that has been sitting in my closet for an EMBARRASSINGLY LONG time to the seamstress to get reworked already!


  1. You make me giggle, dearie. I think these are all admirable goals and I hope you finish them! I have a feeling you will. :)

    ps: I could never do the not-spending-money-for-a-month one. Just admitting that up front.



    1. I'm not sure I will be able to pull it off either! But I think October is the month that I am going to try......