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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Untitled #4

If you are just joining Meg's Mind, on Saturdays I like to add a little teen angst to everyone's weekend by sharing my old poems from when I was an angst-ridden teen. I also used questionable punctuation and grammar because it seemed more artistic. Also, I didn't like to capitalize letters. I don't know why.

if freedom exists
it does not reside in you
you have a mold
for me to squeeze into.
if freedom exists,
it shies away from me.
I'm all traps and cages,
allowing no exit or entry.
if freedom exists
there is a chance for transcendency.


  1. Capitalizing is for old-schoolers. :P

    geez, I always love reading your poetry.



  2. TRANSCEND! Love your poetry! Have you read any Seamus Heaney? He died this year. Paul Simon said Seamus was a friend of his. No wonder he's so stunning with his lyrics. Netty