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Monday, October 7, 2013

Much Love Monday: My Living Room Monstrosity

In a rare moment of adulting and commitment, I went out and bought a non-ironic couch. Immediately after I felt sick. So much money! Such a commitment! Perhaps it would have been more responsible if I had measured my living room and the couch first! I text my sister and told her that I had just bought a couch and I hoped it didn't lie or cheat and that it played well with kids. It was delivered several days later and it was H-U-G-E! All of the ways I had thought I could put it in my living room would not work because it was too big. It works in my living room exactly one way. And yet. 

I love this couch. I have named her Sheba. I bought her a bunny soft throw in a beautiful goldenrod color. Now instead of coming home and immediately walking all the way back to the back of my tiny apartment to crawl into bed, I merely have to take two steps and throw myself down on Sheba. And because Sheba is very firm, she is also very supportive when I throw myself down upon her. Sheba makes me want to invite the entire world over to hang out at my apartment, and because she is a massive L-shaped sectional, most of the entire world will fit! 

Here is Sheba in all her glory: (And when I say all her glory, that is a lie because I have yet to do anything else with the living room. Sheba and her bunny soft throw blanket are as far as I have gotten. The throw pillows do not count. They are an integral part of Sheba. Package deal.) 

Also, doesn't Denzel, my laptop, look so handsome and at home on Sheba? #madeforeachother 

Want to come over and sit on my couch? 

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