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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Crushing Defeat

When I was in New York, I had an ongoing argument with a friend about fanny packs. I, of course, took the moral high ground and proclaimed them to be an abomination. My words were right and true. But my friend told me they are making a comeback. They are cool again. I was horrified to hear this. To add to my horror, my friend pointed out every single person we passed that was wearing a fanny pack for the rest of the weekend.

A few days later in Brooklyn,  I walked into American Apparel, a vaguely creepy place to begin with, and saw an entire wall of fanny packs. It was like the shower scene in Psycho! It was also the sickening moment when I realized that I had lost my argument with my friend. Regardless of how wrong it is, fanny packs are back.

Also I came home and came across this horrible article about fashion designer, Tory Burch, trying to bring back the fanny pack.

Fanny packs coming back in style is ongoing proof that we live in a wicked, wicked world.

Let us pray. 


  1. You have got to be kidding me. NO. I will rebuke this trend with my entire being until I die.

  2. No, no, and no. Fanny packs are what my dad wore ten years ago when we went to Disney World. Fanny packs are what the lifeguards at my job wear to hold their emergency supplies close by. They are not fashionable, no no no no no no.



  3. If your defense, I don't think I've seen any around my area!

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  4. I wore one the entire time I was on vacation on Mackinaw Island. Wow, they are SO HANDY! And, wow, did I get the "you must be kidding" look. Whatcha gonna do? love, Netty.