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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Finds: McSweeney's Internet Tendency

10 McSweeney's articles you should take the time to read because they might make you lawlz: 

1. Talking points for people who serve as my professional references.  (Feel free to use these as a guide when speaking of me) 

2. Honest linkedin updates. 

3. Mapping out my future.  (This column knows my life!) 

4. I think we should be other people.  (This one made me laugh the hardest) 

5. Would you like to join my start down?  

6. Last straws.   

7. Pottery Barn catalogue descriptions written by an aspiring crime novelist. 
8. Criticism. 

9. Attention Mr. Axl Rose we did not feel welcome in the jungle. 

10. Notes on Sweet Child O Mine as delivered to Axl Rose by his editor. 

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  1. thanks for the laughs! It's nice to have a non-fashion blog peeking out from my "following" list and you never disappoint. :)