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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Tucson Beer Festival

Otherwise entitled how carbonation and I finally put down our weapons and made peace. 

A couple of days (weeks? months?) ago, I worked as a volunteer at the Tucson Beer Festival. I still can't say for sure how I ended up doing that, but I did. All I did was rip tickets as people entered. It was very easy and quite entertaining because I guess going to beer fests is a total thing and people wear costumes and giant pretzel necklaces and stuff. Sometimes entire groups of people (brew crews?) dress in similar themes and that is also quite entertaining. Although when it is old ladies in Oktoberfest barmaid costumes it goes from entertaining to disturbing, but whatever.

As a volunteer, I got free tickets to go taste a dozen different 3 ounce samples of the 8 bazillion different beers that were there. At first, I thought that this was the most useless perk of volunteering ever because I don't drink beer or anything even vaguely carbonated/fizzy for that matter. But I was bored and free booze is free booze so I just started trying stuff. And for the most part, I still think beer is fairly nasty. But I think that all of the beer sampling killed my carbonation issues because since then, I have found that I can drink champagne with almost no problem, as long as it is not too dry. And beers that I am pretty sure are in no way actually beers - yes! I am talking to you, hard apple cider!

But will this new found peace with carbonation motivate me to drink any of the Bud Light that has been sitting in my fridge since I moved in because I bought it for my movers? Absolutely not. So, can I offer you a beer?


  1. That's one event I'd love to volunteer at! :)

  2. hahah. love that. I have Stella and some kind of light beer that belongs to some visitors and it is almost 8 mos. old now. Becks Dark or nothing for beer, as far as i'm concerned. What a fun gig, though! Netty.