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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early Morning Musing

I have been up since 4 AM. Normally, I would find this completely unacceptable, but under the circumstances, I expected it. I have been noticing that every night I will have a window of time where I feel like I could fall right to sleep, and if I push through that window, I end up having a very difficult time falling asleep later when I do decide to go to bed. Last night, I was exhausted and feeling very much like I could fall asleep around 8 PM. I have no idea why I felt so tired so early, but I decided not to question it and instead just go to bed. So I did. I knew in advance that I would wake up exceedingly early whether I wanted to or not. Sure enough, I was awake by 3:54 AM. So I stayed in bed for a few hours and then got up and made myself fried potatoes and eggs for breakfast and typed up some blog posts that I had written out by hand.

I have never really been able to figure out if I am a morning person or not. I mean, it all depends on the circumstances. I feel like a morning person right now, but I also went to bed before 9 PM and have been awake for 3 hours. I think I am a circumstantial person. Meaning, if I have had enough sleep, food, caffeine and time to process life, than I can be a morning person or a night owl or a whatever other options there are.

What about you? Morning person? Night owl? Neither? Both? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. I used to be a Night Owl. Would never miss David Letterman, no matter how early I was forced to get up. I don't like the night if I can't sleep. Now that Jimmy Fallon is taking over Jay Leno, I may have to stay up late, again. Love, Netty. PS: I think if I was retired, I would love to be a Night Owl again. Netty.