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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Once Again ~ John Legend

Have I mentioned recently how much I love having a kitchen? I love having a kitchen! Most especially so that I can have people over for dinner again. Even if the only thing on the menu is food that could be described as "alright"at best. But the beautiful thing about having people over is that they will totally be polite and tell you it was good even if it was totally just barely okay.
Sunday was the first night of my monthly dinner since my monthly dinners reboot. Something that was I was doing back in 2010 and 2011, but fell by the wayside when I was living my kitchen-less life.  As an extra special bonus, this is the first time that my dinner guests included kids. Exceedingly cute, sweet, and talkative kids at that! So cute that at one point, I felt compelled to ask the parents how they resisted the urge to document their every moment with a photo.
And although I wouldn't consider the food to be any kind of success, there was at least dessert. S'mores brownies to be exact. An although at the the time of cooking they seemed the least likely to turn out of all of the things I made, they actually turned out the best. Thank goodness for brownies.
As an added bonus, I got to test out my apartment for child safety/child entertainment value in expectation of my niece and nephew's arrival in a few weeks.
The flowers were my table decorations. 

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