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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things Half Remembered: Particular Joys of an Alfalfa Field

1. The beautiful blooms of the thistle that may grow at the edge of the field along the fence. If you wear heavy gloves and bring along sharp scissors, you can harvest a lovely bouquet.

2. The alfalfa is tall enough to conceal large black snakes that will hiss and strike at you should you step too close.

3. You get to drive a Ford Ferguson and rake the alfalfa after it has been mowed - even if you are only 13.

4. After the alfalfa has been mowed, it smells approximately 3 times sweeter and more amazing than regular fresh cut grass.

5. If you bale it into small rectangular bales and then don't immediately put those bales on a wagon, but rather leave them where they fall as they are baled, you can run around the field like it is a track and jump each bale like it is a hurdle.

6. Watching people buck bales is kind of awesome.

7. If you bale the alfalfa into big round bales, you can climb the bales and play "king of the mountain."

8. Your horses can graze in the field. Sometimes this provides the picturesque view of equine silhouettes in the sunset.

9. There is a thick line of trees between the back alfalfa field and the house. You can walk around the field and feel like you have a whole lot of privacy and room to breath, while never leaving the property, thus satisfying your mother.

10. You can ride your horses around the field. Although what is not recommended, is riding your friend's horse around the field at night, in your pajamas, with no saddle on the horse. That might not end well.


  1. that was lovely. mom

  2. 'In Meg's Mind. A scary place to be' Don't I know it