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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Family Affair ~ Mary J. Blige

I apologize if you know me in real life as you are doomed to hear these stories of my nephew no less than eight times.

Story #1
My nephew is notoriously anxious around new people. I 100% expected that the first moment he saw me, I would be greeted with tears. At absolute best, I was expecting him to bashfully snuggle against his mother and avoid eye contact. Instead he greeted me with a giant smile. #bestsmileever.

Story #2
I’m A Shark is a children’s book that my nephew knows by heart. My friends and I kept having Levi read it to us because hearing him recite it is basically the cutest thing everI can’t recommend this book enough. Children’s book gold. And what could make it better? Your 3 year old nephew knowing the entire book by heart and reading it to you. I die!

Story #3
Levi walks toward his mom with an empty paper plate in hand.  The clever kid says to his mother with an impish smile on his face, “Mom is something missing from my plate?” His mom asks in alarm where his sandwich has gone. He replies, “ I ate it.” His mom, now in on the game, says, “WHAT? You ate all your PBJ already!? You ate it that fast?! Did you hide it somewhere?” He nods his head yes and with a big grin responds, “I hid it in my mouth!”

Story #4 
Margaux and I took Levi to a park. The park had several benches with plaques on them. Margaux read aloud one of the plaques that was a particularly moving tribute to someone. She then moves away from the plaque. Levi moves to the plaque and moves his finger across the words as if reading the plaque while also "reading" the plaque aloud. His rendering? "I. Don't. Have. Time. For. This!" Margaux and I were hysterical. Turns out that "I don't have time for this," is one of his favorite phrases. Another fun phrase he says is, "Oh Bummer" in a mournful little voice. 

Story #5 
We went hiking in Sabino Canyon and I taught Levi the names of all the different kinds of cacti. Saguaro, prickly pear, cholla. I was especially impressed with how well he could pronounce "Saguaro." As we were walking along, he suddenly looks toward one lone Saguaro standing tall and says, "One little cactus all alone!"  He continues to repeat this until his mom chimes in with the rest of the rhyme, "Calls two cacti on the phone!" 

Quite the clever kiddo, this one. 


  1. What a wee pet. you are so lucky. :) xx

  2. Is he afraid of little bitty spiders....ha, ha. I KNOW he's not afraid of sharks! I've recommended this book to our local book store and they said they would order it!

  3. Megsie!!!! How are you!!! I live kid stories. These are so funny. I especially liked story 3. Kids do say the darndest things!!!

    1. How are you???!!!! It's so nice to hear from you! I do love seeing what kids will say/do next. So fun.