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Thursday, February 13, 2014

2013: Best of Social Media

I really like looking through my past social media posts, tweets, pics, etc because I have poor short-term memory and it reminds me of what the heck I have been doing with my life lately. Have you been wondering what the heck I have been doing with my life? Let's take a look via my most popular social media posts of 2014. 

According to the Meg's Mind Facebook page, I was feeling a little snarky in September: 

You can join in on the snarky fun, by liking my page here. Although, I think this post was the only fun that happened last year so..... yeah. 

On Twitter, I was tweeting something that someone favorited: 

I have been majorly neglecting Twitter, so the lackluster "best of" for Twitter is not at all surprising. 
My Twitter handle is @megsmindnet, if you are a fan of Twitter and use it a lot, leave your Twitter handle in the comments and I will follow you. 

Meanwhile, things got really crazy on Pinterest and Instagram. 

My most re-pinned pins on Pinterest were: 

This is a DIY that I actually ended up doing myself and LOVED! Turned out so fabulous. You can see the final result here

This couch from Ikea was the second most re-pinned pin. Originally this is the couch I was planning on getting for my apartment. I went with this couch instead. 

Want to follow me on Pinterest? I pin a ton of recipes and a ton of DIYs and I get 99% of them from the original source so clicking on my pins does not take you on a wild goose chase trying to figure out how to get some DIY or recipe goodness in your life. I am a very considerate pinner like that. 

Instagram is my most active social network right now. I post the most there and I definitely tailor my posts to my close family and friends. Meaning, my Instagram is DEFINITELY not dedicated to compelling photography. Me not have compelling photography? Shocking! 

Here were the 4 posts that got the most likes in 2013: 

Who wouldn't like the last two cuties? Am I right? 

Did you have any really good moments on social media this year? Or did someone post something that you just REALLY loved? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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