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Monday, February 3, 2014

33 at 33

You win some, you lose some.... To be continued as part of my 34 before 34 things.  

1. Go to New York City Read a little bit about it here
2. Finish a video I am making as a going away  present for my friend.  Done, but you will just have to trust me on this one. There are a bunch of goofy, silly pictures in it that my friends would NOT appreciate me sharing! 
3. Post more on this blog than I did last year. 98 posts or more, here I come!  I posted over 100! Go me! 
4.  Institute a bed time. Keep it.
5. Follow up last year's success in paying off one of my stressful debts by paying off another one.  Feels so good. Who knew I would enjoy paying bills so much? 
6. Go somewhere (out of state) that I have never been before.  Connecticut for the win! I didn't expect so many trees. I don't know why....
7. Get my passport. 
8. Read ALL of Anna Karenina. I have made a lot of progress recently. I am really enjoying it. 
9. Read ALL of at least 10 other books.  So....2. I read 2 books this year. This is shameful. 
10. Create a new collage. I will be posting about my new collage soon. 
11. Finish one of my crossword books. I have worked on this, just not done yet. 
12. Eat at 12 new restaurants in Tucson. The more variety, the better.  You can read about this here
13. Put myself on at least one month long spending freeze. Ummm.... yeah so this MUST happen this year. 
14. Start cooking the recipes and crafting the crafts I have pinned on my Pinterest. The goal was to start and I have started, but that's about as far as I have made it. See what pins I have made happen in real life by peeking at my "Pins I Made Happen IRL" board
15. Develop a regular exercise routine. That lasts. Even if that regular exercise routine is something super pathetic like walking for 20 minutes a week. At this point, something (anything) is better than nothing. So not even close to happening. I am disappointed in myself. 
16. Hike Seven Falls, Sabino Canyon. I have started asking around to find people to go with me. Does that count? 
17. Use up all of my stationary! By writing cards and letters to people! I didn't factor in my addiction to buying new stationary. Oops! 
18. Phew....this list is really hard. Get a head start on 34 before 34 for next year. I started it, but I didn't finish it. Time to get on that! 
19. Clean out ALL of the currently starred items in my Google Reader. And then I found The Old Reader. 
20. Create and give a REALLY AWESOME presentation advocating the non-profit I work for in the afternoons. Let's just not talk about this one right now. 
21. Write my first ever grant for the aforementioned non-profit. Or this one. 
22. Learn how to make a cocktail I actually like with St. Germain.  The Honey Badger for the win! 
23. Finish my completely frivolous and flippant e-book. I lost and then found the paper version/outline for this in the rubble of my desk approximately 200 times over the last year. Hard to focus on something you can't even find. 
24. Figure out the whole e-book thing. haha.  See #23. 
25. Find an easy system for cataloging all of my digital images and organize them. Any suggestions? I fought iPhoto and won! My pictures are now very nicely organized by event in iPhoto. 
26. Experience more live music. Went to an eclectic mix of shows and thoroughly enjoyed it. I only plan to go to one concert this year and it is, of course, John Legend. 
27. Go to the Tucson Gem Show. Very big deal here in Tucson and I have never been. I think I am going to go with my niece and some friends on Saturday. Very excited! 
29. Teach myself how to make good tres leches cake. A friend of mine (Hi Shelley!) even saw this and sent me a good recipe, but did I attempt to make it? No. 
30.  Finish watching all 7 (?) seasons of Doctor Who. I just started season 4. You can read a little bit about this here.  There is more to be said though. So. much. more. 
31. Create a Life List for Go Mighty. I have signed up but I think I have not been given access to make a list yet? I'm a little confused... Anyone have any experience with this? 
32. Make a batch of homemade gifts and give them to people. For no reason. I think I am going to make this a yearly addition to my list. 1. It is totally fun to craft and try new things. 2. I love giving people presents. It's just the best! I will try to do a separate post dedicated to what I made for folks. 
33. Take the basket of clothes that has been sitting in my closet for an EMBARRASSINGLY LONG time to the seamstress to get reworked/repaired. It is now THAT much more embarrassing that I still have not done this. Instead, I have just added to the pile. 

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