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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

33 Before 33: Make a New Collage

When I decided to make a new collage this past year, I assumed it would be like all of the collages I have made before. In the past, I have always made my collages out of images pulled from magazines. I have been scouring old magazines for months and months and cutting them up to compile images for my new collage.

In the process of decorating my apartment though, my collage plans took a different turn. I had been seeing lots of really cute ideas incorporating Instagram pictures into decor and really wanted to do something like that.  From there, I ended up printing 96 4" x 4" pictures via my Hipstamatic app. I then realized that 96 pictures was WAY too many pictures for what I had in mind. I ended up plotting all the photos out on my floor and once I looked at them as one giant collage of pictures, I decided to go in a collage direction.

All of my craft projects generally come together after looking at lots of similar crafts on Pinterest and DIY blogs, talking to crafty friends, and then looking through what I have on hand, how much I can afford to spend, and what I can find in that price range at the store and then making something come together based on all those elements. This project was no different.

Supplies Needed: 

96 4"x4" pictures. Note: I ordered directly through my Hipstamatic app - The prints were great quality, but the customer experience could use some improvements.  
1 36" x 48" Foam board Display board. I used this one purchased from Michaels
Adhesive Photo Mounting Squares. Something like these.
Exacto Knife. 
Measuring tape/ruler/measurement device of some kind - I almost never measure anything, but this project would have been a total disaster without it. 

I also used acrylic paint, but I think that was a misstep because the paint made the foam board warp a bit and now the boards don't hang nicely against the wall. But you know, if you want them to be a color other than white, acrylic paint is an option. 

First I used the exacto knife to cut the "wings" of the display board off the the main board and then I used to cut the main board into two equal sized pieces. Then I painted the boards, it is important to paint the sides of the boards too. 

While the boards are drying, lay out all of your pictures to decided what order you want them in and how you want them laid out. The math is that you will have 4 boards with 3 columns x 8 rows of 
pictures on them. 

Once the boards are dry, measure and mark off two inches from the top and the bottom of the board. Then you can start putting your adhesive squares on the back of your pictures and adhering the pictures to the board. The adhesive squares I used allowed for me to move the pictures around a little bit to get them straight, which was really handy. 

That's all! Now you just need to hang them up! 

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